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Born to Run

The Big Uluru Trek

9am Tuesday 23rd - 27th August 2016

At the Uluru Kata Tjuta region

Trek Terrain

The terrain throughout the Trek is relatively flat (which is great if you don’t like hills!) The surface is generally firm, and slightly sandy in places. We follow a track, which is a vehicle track but not in much day to day use, so it is typically 2 tyre tracks, but generally a good surface for walking on. Below is a good indication of the track.

Day 4 Scenery

You will get a sense of the wide open desert landscapes throughout the Trek, with the scenery and landscapes constantly changing.

Musgrave Ranges Day 1                                               Day 2 Scenery

The Trek campsites are in nice locations, with camp 1 in a dry river bed near Alpara and camp 4 just 9km south of Uluru.

Overlooking Camp 1 in Dry River Bed                                                      Day 2 Scenery

Day 2 Trail                                                                              Camp 4

Day 3 Uluru in the Distance

Day 1 Scenery                                                                   Day 3 Trail

There will be opportunities to leave the track to venture to nearby points of interest at some places throughout the Trek.

Looking Toward Kaa-Tjuta Day 4

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Selected images on this website were taken during the Burke & Wills Trek, 2014. As 2016 will be the inaugural Big Uluru Trek, we have selected images that are indicative of the terrain, logistics and overall experience of a remote, outback trek, run by Big Run Events. We in no way mean to deceive or pass off these images as being from the route of the Big Uluru Trek.