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Born to Run

The Big Uluru Trek

9am Tuesday 23rd - 27th August 2016

At the Uluru Kata Tjuta region


We highly recommend loading the free app PDF Maps onto your phone to help you in an emergency. Once set up, the app works WITHOUT mobile reception.

If you have a GPS watch or similar device, please click HERE for GPX files.

1. Open play store
2. Install “Avenza PDF Maps” 
3. Once installed, open PDF Maps
4. Accept the Terms and Conditions
5. Exit the tutorial page by pressing “close”
6. You will find yourself on the “Maps” screen: 

7. Open this web page on the device that you have installed PDF maps on. 
8. Copy the following link (long press on the link & select "copy")
9. Go to PDF maps
10. Click the “import map” button

11. Tap “From the web”

12. Paste the link you copied earlier (long press and select “paste”)

13. Press “OK”
14. After the map has finished processing, tap to open.
15. Trekkers should now skip to "USING PDF MAPS", volunteers & crew should continue to step 16.

16. Volunteers and crew should follow the instructions below to load the vehicle access track file.
a. Make sure the map is open & displaying on screen
b. Leave PDF maps open & switch back to your internet browser, 
c. Copy the following link (long press & select "copy")
d. Return to PDF maps
e. Click the “map features” button

f. Press the “import” button

g. Tap “from the web”
h. Paste the link you just copied
i. press “Ok”. 

1. To make full use of PDF maps, GPS must be turned on in your device. See troubleshooting if you need help with this*
2. On the map, key locations are marked with black arrows & different coloured labels. The trekker route is shown as a thick blue line and vehicle access routes (crew only) are shown as a magenta line.
3. The latitude and longitude numbers at the top of the screen correspond to the point that the cross-hairs are targeting at centre screen.
4. Therefore, you can scroll around to any position on the map & determine the co-ordinates of the point between the cross-hairs. 
5. Your current GPS location is displayed on the map as a blue dot. 
6. Press the Location Button to centre in on your current location. Once this is done, your current lat/long co-ordinates will match the lat/longs displayed on the screen. This will only work if you are physically located within the map boundaries.

*Devices with an inbuilt GPS chip (most smart phones and tablets) can determine your geographical position using GPS (Global Positioning System). This does not rely on having mobile reception. Follow the instructions below if you don’t know how to turn on GPS.
How to activate or deactivate the GPS function:
1. Go to “Settings”
2. Scroll down until you find “Location Access” or “Location Services”
3. Find option that allows apps to use GPS satellites to pinpoint your location. Press the checkbox, or indicator, next to this to activate or deactivate the GPS.

If you are having trouble with these instructions you can contact Callum Boase at or 0409 378 253.

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If you are interested in sponsoring this unique outback Trek / run, please contact us.

Copyright 2016 © Big Uluru Trek. All Rights reserved

Selected images on this website were taken during the Burke & Wills Trek, 2014. As 2016 will be the inaugural Big Uluru Trek, we have selected images that are indicative of the terrain, logistics and overall experience of a remote, outback trek, run by Big Run Events. We in no way mean to deceive or pass off these images as being from the route of the Big Uluru Trek.